What’s Important?

Putting Erie to Work

Expanding opportunity for businesses both locally and from around the country is the key to maximizing economic development here in the city. Through strengthening tax assistance programs, revamping current infrastructure, and ensuring more sustainable relations between the groups who bring fresh ideas to the city, Bob hopes to promote Erie as the ideal business center that it is and what it can be.

Bob wants the world to know that Erie is “ready to do business with business.”

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Developing Erie’s Neighborhoods

The backbone of any vibrant city are the neighborhoods that have been built over the generations. Erie is no different.

In order to make Erie a better place to raise a family, we need to fight the blight left behind from irresponsible property owners, empower and partner with community leaders to create clean, walkable business districts, diversify the programming offered by our neighborhood centers, and build a coalition with business, community, and faith-based leaders to develop our neighborhoods for long-term, sustainable growth.

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Modernizing Erie’s Government

A 21st century city needs a 21st century government.

It has been long overdue for Erie’s government to use new technologies to streamline city services, increase transparency, update zoning laws, and make city government efficient as possible so we are not wasting taxpayer dollars. The City of Erie also needs to create partnerships with other governments across Erie County and the region to share best practices and forge a unified voice that benefits all.

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Making Erie’s Streets Safe

A top priority of any elected official should be to ensure the safety of the residents they serve. Bob Merski is no different.

Among other things, Bob will work with federal, state, and local authorities to use all legal means to get illegal guns off of Erie’s streets. He will also implement proven community policing procedures to improve trust between the community and law enforcement, and expand successful Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the city.

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